Ecotrans Kontinent AB

Org.nummer: 556407-7898
Aktivt sedan: 1990-10-15

An innovative transportation partner!

With modern transportation and communications, we at Ecotrans Group AB see no limits in terms of smooth transport solutions. We undertake transportation on land, at sea and in the air, and we see each customer’s requirements as a new chance for us to develop and deliver a creative and well-integrated solution.

Ecotrans is a Swedish privately-owned company based in Malmö. Since its inception in 1999, the trend has been in one direction – straight up; in both financial terms and with regard to innovation. Today, in addition to our head office in Malmö, we have five offices in northern Europe and more will follow. At Ecotrans we have been open to new IT solutions that can benefit and developing transport right from the start.

During our years in the industry we have learned not to see the boundaries on the map as limitations to what we can deliver. We see the whole world as our playing field and know how we can make use of roads, railways, shipping lines and air traffic. We quickly realized the benefits of having permanent offices in multiple locations, primarily throughout Europe, but our main global asset is well-established relationships with partners around the world.

We are more than just a supplier. Our ambition is for our customer relationships to be seen as partnerships.

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Ecotrans Kontinent AB have good creditworthiness by Soliditet and UC.


Boplatsgatan 8 B, 213 76 Malmö
Telefon: 040-6808380
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Boplatsgatan 8
Malmö 213 76 Skåne län SE
Ecotrans Kontinent AB